2018 Summer Nationals Medal Haul and Photos!

We ended the season with a record 4 Golds, 4 Silvers, 4 Bronzes and 5 Top 8 Finishes! Way to go!

Check out the following photos which were contributed by parents and fencers:



1st (MITBERG, RHEINGANS-YOO, WEINSTEIN) - Team Men's Foil, Summer Nationals

1st (Ethan UM) - Individual Y-12 Men's Foil, Summer Nationals

1st (Emily JING) - Individual Y-10 Women's Foil, Summer Nationals

1st (Jane CARTER) - Individual Vet-50 Women's Foil, Summer Nationals



2nd (Sharrie ZAFFT) - Individual Vet-50 Women's Epee, Summer Nationals

2nd (Jerry DUFFY) - Individual Vet-70 Men's Epee, Summer Nationals

2nd (Bin HUANG) - Individual Div 1-A Men's Foil, Summer Nationals

2nd (CARPENTER, JONES, MACZIK, PICARD) - Team Men's Epee, Summer Nationals



3rd (Amita BERTHIER) - Individual Div 1 Women's Foil, Summer Nationals

3rd (Colin YU) - Individual Div 1-A Men's Epee, Summer Nationals

3rd (Anisha KUNDU) - Individual Div II Women's Epee, Summer Nationals

3rd (Brandon LI) - Individual Y-14 Men's Foil, Summer Nationals


Top 8

5th (Benjamin GONG) - Individual Y-10 Men's Foil, Summer Nationals

6th (Cassandra BATES) - Individual Div 1 Women's Epee, Summer Nationals

6th (Nicole YU) - Individual Y-10 Women's Foil, Summer Nationals

7th (Colin YU) - Individual Junior Men's Epee, Summer Nationals

8th (Elena ROBLES) - Individual Y-14 Women's Epee, Summer Nationals

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Nothing better than comp and ice-cream to call it a day...

We ended the term with an in-house Youth Competition followed by ice-cream. Here are photos from the competition; sorry there aren't photos of us having ice-cream because we were obviously too busy with our treat.

See you all next term!

Anisha's first NAC medal!

Congratulations to Anisha for winning the Bronze medal in Div II Women’s Epee at the April NAC! Aaaand... it's a B2018! :D


Team Silver for Amita at the Junior World Championships!

Here goes Marx Fencing Academy's second World Championships medal - a Silver in the Junior Team Event by Amita Berthier! Amita and her teammates fought tough matches against Team Germany, eventually beating the team in a comeback to land a place in the finals against Team USA. The score in the finals was 30-45, with victory to Team USA.

Congratulations to all the medallists! We're proud of her and of course, Team USA!

Image credits to FIE.

Amita, after scoring last touch on Team Germany.

Amita, after scoring last touch on Team Germany.