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Start of Season Parents' Meeting

Hi Everyone!

The start of season Parents' Meeting was held just two days ago where Michael, Adam and Ralf took the opportunity to share updates on what's new and upcoming at Marx Fencing Academy.

Fret not if you missed it; here's the presentation!


New Season, New Website!


and welcome to the new and improved Marx Fencing Academy's website! We hope you like what you see... we certainly do! Here's a shout out to Dawn from Stockbridge Epstein Studios for the incredible photos that she's taken. We haven't used all of them for the website but hey, why let good photos go to waste? Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

If you're unfamiliar with our fencing club, please click "Join" and read about the fencing programs that we offer. It's the start of the season so we're expecting new faces to join us... hopefully you too?

If you're a Marx fencer, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THE NEW SEASON?! You've got a few days before the season starts, so if you're in the competitive program, be sure to read about the upcoming Regional/National/International competitions. We've uploaded the calendar for Regional and National Events under the "Resources" section. Do your homework, set  goals, take care of your strength and conditioning, nutrition... you know the drill.)

Oh yes, notice the "Results" section? We won't be publishing all results, mind you. Only Top 4, Top 8 and Top 16 results for Regional, National and International competitions respectively are published, so do aim to get your name up!

Last of all, save your dates of our camps and intensive training! Scroll to the bottom of the "Join" section to view the season's events!

That's all for now folks!