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The International Fencing Federation (FIE, Fédération Internationale d'Escrime) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing body of fencing. 

USA Fencing
USA Fencing is the recognized National Governing Body for the sport of fencing in the United States. All fencers participating in US fencing clubs must hold membership with USA Fencing.

Click here for the Season 2018/2019 National Tournament Dates and Deadlines. 

Click here for the US Fencing Rulebook.

New England Division USFA
Website of the New England Divsion of USA Fencing.

Click here for the Season 2018/2019 New England Division schedule.

FRED stands for "Fencing Results and Events Database". FRED is a self-serve service for fencing tournament organizers and fencers to coordinate participation in Tournaments.

Fencing.net is an online guide to fencing. From news to training tips and armory... this site has almost everything that you need to know about the sport.

Fencing Parents
A great resource for parents… by a fencer’s parent! Get tips and advice as well as shared experiences from the site.

Sister Clubs

Bordeaux Etudiants Club
53 rue Pauline Kergomard
33800 Bordeaux

Club d'Escrime du Medoc
Mairie de Saint Sauveur
33250 Saint Sauveur

For Veterans

Fencing & Fine Wine
Fencing & Fine Wine (F&FW) is an overseas camp for veteran fencers across all three fencing weapons. The duration of camp is typically six days, with the last being a competition. F&FW has made 6 successful trips to the region of Bordeaux, France, since its conception in 2010. 2017 was the first time that a trip was made to a region besides France, in Speyer, Germany. As the program gains in popularity, plans have been made for a trip to Havana, Cuba in 2018.