Spend a day with USFA Armorer Dennis Crumpler and get your essential equipment repaired and readied for Summer Nationals (and hopefully the rest of your fencing career)!

Session includes:
- Step instruction to fixing a body cord (bring your own!).
- Step instruction to fixing a foil/epee (bring your own!)
- Tips and tricks
- Getting your armory questions answered

Register your interest at the front desk.

(Ideal) Checklist of Things to Bring

For body cord:

  • Small pair of side cutters
  • A set of screwdrivers, by which one can open the body cord plugs and another will tighten the set screws.  A $5 set ofmicro screwdrivers is quite adequate.
  • Wire skinner
  • Heat shrink tubing is useful, but not essential
  • Soldering iron, if have
  • Test meter, if have

For blade:

  • Box end wrench to fit the barrel for their weapon, 5 mm for foil and 6 mm for epee
  • A cheap 6 in one screwdriver 
  • Box end 8 mm ignition or bicycle wrench to tighten 2-prong socket nuts
  • A small pair of vise grips to hold the blade while tightening the barrel
  • Box cutter, or sharp slot head screwdriver to clean the groove in blade
  • Sandpaper (100 and 150 grit) 
  • Plastic spaghetti (insulating tubing)
  • Blade wires
  • Superglue (all the better if it's any one of these: Gorilla "rubberized" CA, red Locktite, gel CA Locktite)
  • 1/4in triangle file and 9in flat file (if mounting new blade)
  • Wiring string or chain
  • Electrical tape (for securing the wire at the tang). 3M number 35 recommended.
  • Tools that a fencer should ordinarily have: tang nut wrench, test box, and appropriate test weight, shims for epee
  • Parts for weapon: barrel, springs, screws, tips, tip tape

NOTE: Best to remove old wiring in your blade with acetone and clean the groove before the clinic