Carlos Bruno is an assistant coach for the epee program.

Carlos’s career began Adam’s career as a coach began in Portland, Oregon in 2005 - at the same time that he became a high school physics and math teacher. His dedication to the sport led him to full-time coaching at the Boston Fencing Club in 2010. From 2013 to 2015, by invitation of the US Olympic Committee, he became a resident athlete at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he was also Assistant Coach for the USA Pentathlon team. During this period, he competed in multiple Division 1 finals, won the January 2015 Division North American Cup, and a Division 1A National Championship.  

In 2015, Adam and his wife Cassandra Bates made their way to Concord to train and coach alongside Michael Marx at the fencing academy. As Adam rekindled his love for teaching and taught high school first year physics, he was also entrusted to run the epee program as its lead coach till the end of 2016. Amongst many results, one of his students, Kaija Gisolfi-McCready, qualified to represent the US in a 2017 Junior World Cup in Burgos, Spain.

Adam is currently working towards representing the US at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As he steps up in his preparation, he has handed over the reins as lead coach of the epee program to Michael, and now coaches alongside him as an assistant.