I began fencing when I was nine, found some success, and competed at an international level for 24 years. I later completed my Masters Thesis where I assessed and contrasted the various fencing schools and their methodologies. We're looking at an extremely complex sport, one where there are rarely two fencers that fence alike. If anything, the years have revealed to me that talent and success come in all forms and sizes. This conclusion has been a great influence on how I've approached coaching.

I believe in an athlete-centered approach to coaching. Recognizing and developing athletes’ unique qualities has also proven to be exceptionally successful. It has allowed me to develop over 50 National Champion, Olympian and World Champion fencers, most of whom were not even considered talented or capable of achieving such outcomes at the onset! Clearly everyone has potential, and there is talent waiting to be uncovered. My goal as a coach is to discover these attributes and guide the athlete on the best path for success. Athletes that I've worked with have found that if they work hard and properly, they succeed and even surpass their expectations.

I'm not done uncovering talents, and I look forward to more occasions where people surprise themselves with their achievements. These by far, have been my greatest contentment.

There is a quote on my wall that reads "Respect, admiration and credibility are all byproducts of character and achievement." This is what I hope to achieve for this fencing academy and for the people who pass through its doors. I have gathered an exceptional, like-minded staff to work with me on this journey, and together we form a community where personal growth through perseverance, intelligence, dedication, accountability, and integrity plays a major role in who our athletes become.