Marx Fencing Academy offers seven different fencing programs that cater to both the beginning and the competitive fencer, and to both the young and young-at-heart. Programs aside, there are seasonal camps for everyone, as well as intensive training periods where we prepare our fencers for key competitions. 

Camps and classes are typically open to all - including foreign fencers!

Programs for Beginners

1. Fence for Fun

2. Home School Class

3. Learn to Fence on Half School Days

4. Youth Program

5. Teen/Adult

Competitive Programs

1. Youth Competitive (Foil and Epee)

2. Competitive (Foil and Epee)



Season 2016/2017 Camp and Intensive Training Sessions

[Aug 14 - Aug 19]: Foil Intensive Training for C, D, E and Unrated Fencers

[Aug 21 - Aug 25]: Youth Day Camp (III)

[Aug 21 - Aug 25]: Fencing & Fine Wine - Bordeaux, France