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Date: 28 October
Time: 12:30pm

Armory Clinic with USFA Armorer Dennis Crumpler

Spend a day with USFA Armorer Dennis Crumpler and get your essential equipment repaired and readied for Summer Nationals (and hopefully the rest of your fencing career)!

Session includes:
- Step instruction to fixing a body cord (bring your own!).
- Step instruction to fixing a foil/epee (bring your own!)
- Tips and tricks
- Getting your armory questions answered

Register your interest at the front desk.

(Ideal) Checklist of Things to Bring

For body cord:

  • Small pair of side cutters
  • A set of screwdrivers, by which one can open the body cord plugs and another will tighten the set screws.  A $5 set ofmicro screwdrivers is quite adequate.
  • Wire skinner
  • Heat shrink tubing is useful, but not essential
  • Soldering iron, if have
  • Test meter, if have

For blade:

  • Box end wrench to fit the barrel for their weapon, 5 mm for foil and 6 mm for epee
  • A cheap 6 in one screwdriver 
  • Box end 8 mm ignition or bicycle wrench to tighten 2-prong socket nuts
  • A small pair of vise grips to hold the blade while tightening the barrel
  • Box cutter, or sharp slot head screwdriver to clean the groove in blade
  • Sandpaper (100 and 150 grit) 
  • Plastic spaghetti (insulating tubing)
  • Blade wires
  • Superglue (all the better if it's any one of these: Gorilla "rubberized" CA, red Locktite, gel CA Locktite)
  • 1/4in triangle file and 9in flat file (if mounting new blade)
  • Wiring string or chain
  • Electrical tape (for securing the wire at the tang). 3M number 35 recommended.
  • Tools that a fencer should ordinarily have: tang nut wrench, test box, and appropriate test weight, shims for epee
  • Parts for weapon: barrel, springs, screws, tips, tip tape

NOTE: Best to remove old wiring in your blade with acetone and clean the groove before the clinic

Schedule for Pre-Nationals Intensive Training

Schedule's out! Please attend the sessions according to your age category. In the case that you're unable to attend all designated days, you could try to make up for your absence on the extra day that we've scheduled in the program- that day has been marked as "Additional Choice".

Click a bulleted point below to view the pdf version of the schedule!

Seniors, Juniors and Cadets: 21 - 26 June

Y14 & Under: 26 - 30 June