Marx Shop now on Square!

Great news, we have launched our online store on Square!

No more slips of paper or phone calls for your order; this will now be an entirely e-commerce process where you simply select the equipment you want, add to cart and checkout your purchase. We have also specifically dedicated sections in the shop for the Beginning and Youth Competitive athletes where we have recommended equipment for purchase at that level.



Shipping and Returns

We provide free shipping for all equipment orders that are collected at the front counter.

We do not ship equipment orders, though we would do so for merchandise. Should you wish to have you merchandise order shipped to you, we would use an appropriate USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Service which typically costs $6.45 for an envelope or $6.80 for a small box. Cost of shipping will be billed to you separately.

All returns and exchanges will be at the responsibility of the customer and must comply with the Returns & Exchanges policy of Absolute Fencing Gear.  



How do I know my equipment size?

Refer to the brand of equipment that you wish to purchase. If it's an Absolute Fencing brand, you should be referring to this. Similarly, Ullmann's can be found here and Allstar's here. Uhlmann and Allstar's equipment tend to be of a similar size and cut. Of course, when in doubt, you wouldn't go wrong asking for a try out of the rental equipment at Marx's or a friend's!

My blade just broke, I don't have any spares and I have a competition this weekend!

First of all, you should not be in this situation. All competitive athletes should have at least 3 full working weapons at all times- one to use, one as a spare just in case the first fails the weight test, and the last that will probably break when you least expect it to. It would also not hurt to have at least 2 wired blades at home that you could immediately use to switch out the broken/malfunctioning one so that you don't panic a day before you compete.

There's a reason why we're also telling you about the equipment ordering schedule in advance- plan your purchases!

That said, if you do end up in this situation, check with your peers if they've got any spare wired blades that they could sell for the interim (we have yet to decide if we will be keeping blades for over the counter purchase at the Academy). Borrowing a weapon should be the last resort- it is not ideal as grips, angle of blade and stiffness are very personal and could affect your game.

Tip: Take note of the lifespan of your blade from when it's new to the time it breaks- for high performance athletes this is most often between 4 to 6 months, also depending on whether you rotate the use of your weapons or stick to using the same one all the time. This will help you plan your purchase of spares, or even decide whether or not you should be breaking in a new blade a couple of weeks before a competition in anticipation of a break. Oh also, if you rotate the use of your blades, be prepared to change all of them at around the same time since they're all likely to break within the same period.

Any other tips for equipment?

Foilists tend to have the shorter stick in this sport since they have more electrical items to deal with. Lames and masks have high risks for equipment failure as all you need is a small spot in the wire mesh where the conductivity breaks. It becomes especially tricky at overseas competitions where fencers don't travel with an extra set of mask and lame. 

The obvious advice is to be mindful of the way you store your equipment, e.g. rolling instead of folding your lame and not having sharp objects near these items. A good way to mitigate this risk is to have a less expensive mask and/or lame that you use for training, saving the good set for competitions only. While the upfront cost is more, the trade-off for greatly increasing the lifespan of your expensive equipment will be well worth it.

Last tip, do not discard a lame that has failed the equipment check. Use the working material as a patch for your training lame, or even bring some when you travel so that you could mend your item when necessary.

I don't seem to find the item that I see in Absolute's site in the Marx shop.

That is possible; we have listed a large number of items and the ones most often purchased, but not the full catalog. Please write to Lola ( if you find yourself in this situation. Lola would either list the item that you want in the Marx shop so that you may make your order as per normal, or take a separate order for that particular item.

The price listed in Absolute's site is different from that of the same item in the Marx shop.

You're likely looking at a special offer or clearance item. In this case, please notify Lola ( who would then amend the price of item. Do be mindful that sale items could have a different condition for returns, e.g. paying for shipment, or even no returns.

I need my uniform and lame stencilled and with the USA patch for a competition- how should I get this done?

Stencilling- we've had many satisfied fencers stencil their name and country code with Marx Enterprises (yes, related to Michael, it's his brother's business). The order form, shipping and payment details can be found on the website. Please note that Marx Enterprises takes approximately a week to complete the job, so you should definitely buffer time for this.

Patch- this can be purchased from Absolute's website under the stock keeping unit 22039. The item is also list in the Marx shop.

Are gift cards available?

Yes! Gift cards are available over at the front office, at no fixed value- they are a great gift for a birthday!